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Positions Held

Co-founder, Mindstate Design Labs, July 2021 to present

Professor, Department of Zoology (now Biology), University of Oklahoma, August 1998 to July 2021

Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma, 2000 to 2008

Supervisor (Invited Researcher), ATR (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International) Human Information Processing Research Laboratories, January 4, 1999 to February 28, 2001

Member of the External Faculty of the Santa Fe Institute, 1993 to 2003

Invited Researcher, ATR Human Information Processing Research Laboratories, August 1993 to August 1998

Associate Professor, University of Delaware, Computer and Information Sciences, January 1993 to August 1998

Visiting professor at Department D'Informatique, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland, October 1, 1996 to November 13, 1996

Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank, January – July 1993

Visiting Professor, Santa Fe Institute, July 199l; February – August 1992

Associate Professor, University of Delaware, Biology Department, September 1990 to August 1998

Assistant Professor, University of Delaware, Biology Department, September 1981 to August 1990

Owner and operator, Finca El Bejuco Ecological Reserve, Costa Rica, 1982 to present

Director of University of Delaware's Semester in Costa Rica Program, Spring 1988

Michigan Society of Fellows, July 1981 to June 1982,

Field Assistant to Dr. E. O. Wilson, 8/1978 – 8/1979, 12/1979 – 1/1980 and 12/1980 – 1/1981

Station Manager for Finca La Selva, Organization for Tropical Studies field station in Costa Rica, August 1978 to August 1979

Organizer and Host of the weekly "Society for Expeditionary Biology" seminar series, held in the Harvard Biological Laboratories spring 1978, 1979 – 1980, & 1980 – 1981

Visiting Scientist on summer of 1977 Organization for Tropical Studies graduate course

Research Assistant to Dr. Donald Strong at Finca La Selva, summers of 1974 – 1976

Assistant to Dr. Daniel Simberloff, Florida State University 1973 – 1975

Environmental Consultant to Florida State University Department of Physical Planning 1972