Aguas Tortuga, Turtle Waters

We welcome you to come to Turtle Waters and drink of the fresh natural rain forest water of Ohm Stream. Please don't step in or past the stream, but help yourself to the water. Be careful of the rare fern on the bank of the stream.

The first time I came to this place, there was a large and beautiful aquatic turtle making its way leisurely upstream, foraging as it went. For this reason, I named the trail "Turtle Trail," or "Sendero Tortuga." It is a short trail that ends at the bank of the stream. The first time I brought my daughter here, her and her friend Olga immediately began drinking from the stream, and washing their faces with the water. Since then, we always come here to drink. I empty my water bottle, and refill it from the stream. We invite you to do the same. There is a small place to sit if you like.