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United Kingdom

The Economist (Anon, UK) August 5, 2002: "Artificial intelligence; 2001: a disappointment?". local copy.

New Scientist (Mark Ward, UK) July 4, 1998: ``It's life, but not as we know it.''

BBC TV (The Net, UK) February 25, 1997. Television.

New Scientist (Joe Flower, UK) June 15, 1996: ``A life in silicon. Will an artificial universe let us watch evolution as it happens asks Joe Flower?''

New Scientist (Paul Guinnessy, UK) April 13, 1996: ```Life' crawls out of the digital soup.''

Trends In Ecology & Evolution (Masakado Kawata & Yukihiko Toquenaga, UK) November 1994: ``From artificial individuals to global patterns.''

BBC TV (BBC Natural History Unit, UK) January 18, January 23, 199?: ``The private life of plants by David Attenborough, 2 Growing.'' Television.

The Independent (Jeremy Taylor, UK) 19-9-94: ``Robots are doing it for themselves.''

The Daily Telegraph (Roger Highfield, UK) August 3, 1994: ``The perfect robot is a matter of breeding.''

The Economist (Anon, UK) May 14, 1994: ``Netlife''.

The Daily Telegraph (Roger Highfield, UK) June 14, 1993: ``Life, but not as we know it. An American academic has developed a computer program that successfully simulates Darwinian evolution, natural selection and all.''

Focus (John Browning, UK) March 1993: ``It's life, but not as we know it... How close is technology to creating artificial life.''

New Scientist (Roger Lewin, Melanie Mitchell, Jacqueline McGlade, UK) February 13, 1993: ``Complexity, New Scientist Supplement. Order for free (Standing at the edge of chaos). Alternate ecologies. Imitation of life.''

The Economist (Anon, UK) December 19, 1992: ``Bugs in the program... the use of computers to create new forms of `life'.''

Nature (Laurence Hurst & Richard Dawkins, UK) May 21, 1992: ``Life in a test tube.''

Nature (John Maynard Smith, UK) February 27, 1992: ``Byte-sized evolution. ...we badly need a comparative biology. So far, we have been able to study only one evolving system and we cannot wait for interstellar flight to provide us with a second. If we want to discover generalizations about evolving systems, we will have to look at artificial ones. Ray's study is a good start.''

New Scientist (Roger Lewin, UK) February 22, 1992: ``Life and death in a digital world. No one can turn back the evolutionary clock, but we can follow the fate of a rich menagerie of artificial organisms as they evolve in a model world.''

Guardian (Jocelyn Paine, UK) January 9, 1992: ``Unravelling the loop in the primordial soup. Tierran machine code is so adaptable it survives. Jocelyn Paine charts the evolution of artificial life within the computer.''

The Economist (Anon, UK) January 4, 1992: ``The meaning of `life'. In order to understand the origin of life, scientists are switching from the chemistry set to the computer. In the process, they are beginning to understand what it means to be alive.''

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