How to Get Tierra by ftp

Go to Tom Ray's home page. Go to the Tierra home page.

The Tierra V6.02 source code and executables, and the source code of all Tierra tools, documentation and manuscripts are available. Please note that the source code in the ftp site will compile and run on Windows 2000, Linux (x86 and 64 bit Alpha), and many Unix platforms. It is exactly the same source code in each case.


Source code: Tierra6_02.tgz

x86 Linux executable: tierraLinux6_02.tgz

Windows executable: tierraWin6_02.tgz

It will expand into the complete directory structure with the following Unix command:

tar zxvf filename.tgz

The ".tgz" files can also be opened using WinZip on the Windows platforms. WinZip can be found with a web search.

The publications about Tierra are available at this web site: Publications about Tierra.