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What is needed

The region of Sarapiquí needs an area of forest easily accessible to tourists, which is owned and operated by Costa Rican nationals who are members of the local community. This property should be large enough to be ecologically viable, in the sense that it can preserve populations of flora and fauna in the area important to tourism (e.g., birds, monkeys, etc.). Access to this forest should be made open to any of the nature tourism projects in the area, including the small ones which do not currently have forest access. Ideally, a tourist lodge would be constructed in conjunction with this property, which would also be owned and operated by members of the community.

In addition, the narrow corridor connecting the La Selva Biological Station to the Braulio Carrilo National Park needs to be widened to better protect the fauna and flora of the middle elevations, and to facilitate the movements of the altitudinally migrating species (particularly birds).

Thomas S.Ray
Tue Aug 1 16:54:18 JST 1995