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Sarapiquí Association for Forests and Wildlife

The non-profit Asociación Bosque y Vida para Sarapiquí (Sarapiquí Association for Forests and Wildlife) was formed, with the help of COMBOS, in September, 1993 in order to address the needs described above. The charter includes the following goal and objectives:

Goal: Promote the conservation and sustainable development of the natural and human resources in the county of Sarapiquí.


1) The protection of the hills, wetlands and buffer zones in the area.

2) Natural forest regeneration.

3) To promote the creation of biological corridors.

4) Development of educational projects.

5) Protection of the rivers.

6) To stimulate the creation of private reserves or refuges.

7) Promotion of eco-tourism.

8) Promotion of participative planning and land ordinance in the county.

9) To promote reforestation using species native to the area.

Membership in the Association is available to persons 16 years of age or older for a fee of 1,000 colones (approximately $7) and an annual membership fee, also 1,000 colones. The Association is managed by the Executive Committee which is elected every two years. Checks can only be signed by the President and Treasurer. The first members elected to the Executive Committee were:

Thomas S.Ray
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